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Blacklight Face Paints UV Glow


Alien skeleton face & bodypaint


 I did buy ScaryFacepaint.Com websites domain name but I hope to restore parts of www.Facepaint.ws first and foremost!

Scary Face Painting Ideas For Scary Halloween Masks

Face Paintings Coming


Face Painting Ideas For Halloween Costumes

    Some of my facepaint and body painting photos show where I painted my face with face paints that glow in the blacklight. UV Face and body paintings were my favorite types of face painting. The facepaint picture to the side shows a facepaint that turned into an optical illusion on one side of the face. That was my spinning wheel illusion face painting from yrs ago.



Facepaint photos & videos coming back soon.

Maine Coon Cat Shaggy Loves His Cat Water Fountains


Buy Fountains For Pets!

The cat pictures there to show one of my new friends aka the papa cat of many kittens I gave away. I have his girls aka his girlfriend Mama and Stripey Cat too. Grin



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2.5L Electric Pet Drinking Fountain Bowl with Carbon Filters Automatic Cat Dog Fresh Running Water Dispenser Pet Watering Supplies

 To be honest after spending about 10 years in Sweden then returning to the USA it is very hard to justify putting time into pages and American things. I may not have the time to take off work to be hired for face painting and Halloween makeup though I am back in the states this year for another Halloween. Check the page later to see what is going on this Halloween on Facepaint.ws


Not sure what is coming but it is a work in progress to share old face painting and body painting pictures and videos from past facepaint webcam shows from Europe and the usa. I may try to add free webcam chats for kid safe fun webcam shows for adults and kids that like safe and unusual types of art and entertainment online free.

Art Photos In The Works For Now Pictures Of Art & Paintings Do Not Show Big Pictures Or Link To Art Sales Or Paintings For Sale Online Below Photos Are Space Savers Now.

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I can not nor should I do this all over again. It took many years and I hope like hell I do not have that much time left on earth eh. I will try to add and fix face painting and body painting pictures and videos to share some of what I did over the decades while on my free live face painting webcams and webcam chat that was once located on this Facepaint Site.


   Pictures and videos with links from this websites probably not working since I am trying to redo and restore some parts of this cool websites news, art, videos, photo galleries and fun stuff online.

www.opps.se My Swedish Videos With News, Weather, Videos, Photos & Information About Sweden

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Cat inspired by talking cat Zola *RIP Zola*

*Sad news from 2014 Zola the world's most amazing cat died May 10th 2014  in Gothenburg Sweden.*

RIP ZOLA May 10th 2014.

Zola used to help me with face painting and body paintings as well as art and webdesign. My cat Zola was one of the most beautiful and loving souls on earth but, sadly now she is no longer living. Zola went from Texas USA to Sweden Europe to live the rest of her life. Zola and I lived in Europe together for about 10 years. When zola passed away I went to the forests or woods and ocean to try to find comfort and keep from giving up on life. The entire time I continued working as much as possible and eventually bought a flight ticket for myself back home to the USA to do what I thought was going to be helping set my family up wtih things needed and say goodbye in ways. I planned to return to Europe and sail off into the ocean probably waiting for something to happen eh. Things and plans change when you find animals and people that rely on you and really care and love you. I now have many websites but have to redo everyting. Much is missing on my websites for they were huge but I will restore what I can as I am able.

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